Thursday, 10 November 2016

Retrofitting has never been simpler..

Retrofitting has never been simpler..

Ever needed to replace an obsolete Actuator with its newer equivalent? If so, you'll be familiar with the headache that this can cause when trying to find out which product replaces the older one and what is needed in order to Retrofit.

Luckily for us, Belimo have come to rescue with their new Retrofit App - Available FREE for iPhone and Android users!

Download the App now on the App Store & Google Play 
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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The Future of HVAC Controls

For those who think that the new generation of innovative, automated HVAC control systems are a far-off thought, think again! 

The new c.pCO Range by CAREL marks the arrival of their most intelligent range of controllers yet.

Despite their compact design, the c.pCO Controllers are packed with new and exciting technologies offering a highly integrated solution to any kind of BMS System. 

The versatile nature of the new standard controller (2 Ethernet, USB & RS485 Inputs Built In) opens doors to a wide range of communication protocols such as Modbus, BACNet, HTTP, FTP and loads more.

The video below offers a detailed look into the new features and benefits of the c.pCO range.

Worried about having to do a lot of work to replace older controllers? As if this wasn't enough, all c.pCO Controllers offer pin-to-pin compatibility with pCO5+, pCO5 and pCO3 controllers. 

Get in touch now for more information!

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Marketing & Sales Coordinator, i-A.C.Systems
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Thursday, 14 January 2016

CAREL and the dreaded 'NO LINK' Screen!

CAREL and the dreaded 'NO LINK' Screen!

Picture the scene, you've just downloaded a fresh new piece of software onto a controller but rather than the a new interface, you're met with a big fat 'NO LINK' message on the display. Or maybe you've just ran a factory reset to default settings and have come up against the same issue? 
These are all possible causes for the common problem encountered by many of our customers, deemed the 'NO LINK' screen! (capitals for emphasis)
As well as the two already mentioned, other common causes of the issue are a result of:
  • A faulty connection between the Controller and the Display
  • A faulty Controller 
In any case, this issue is relatively simple to fix and our Managing Director, Stefano - having been in the Industry for 15+ years - has put together a video guide on how to do so.

Watch the video below to see how to overcome the dreaded 'NO LINK' Screen! 

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

5 interesting facts about HVAC

Being relatively new to the world of HVAC, it was news to me that Air Conditioning doesn't actually create cold air, but removes the heat from warm air. While ignorance is bliss (and often embarrassing), I felt it was time to do a little research into the field I supposedly work in!

Here's a collection of cool facts I've come across about the HVAC industry.

5 interesting facts about HVAC

  1. The Industry actually dates back to the 2nd Century - A Chinese man named Ding Huan supposedly invented the first (sort of) air conditioning system. Unfortunately for him, it was manually powered so didn't really catch on at the time..
  2. .. that being said, the 'father of modern air conditioning' title is actually held by a Willis Carrier, who came up with the blueprint for the first AC system at the age of only 26!
  3. Those in need of a break will be jealous to hear that in the days before AC, it wasn't uncommon for schools and business to close for month long periods during the summer.
  4. The world of Cinema thrived in the early 1900's thanks to Air Conditioning. After its introduction into movie theaters around 1925, the uncomfortable environment people were used to in the summertime became a thing of the past and cinemas became a hotspot to escape the heat - as well as to watch films of course! 
  5. The Romans pioneered the method of hot-air heating (much to the delight of Stefano, our native Roman managing director!) 

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Things Have Changed...

Things Have Changed...

While this may be a far cry from the Carel and general HVAC updates you'll usually find here, I thought my first post would act best as a bit of an introduction!

So, I'm Peter*. And I've taken on the Marketing frontier here at i-A.C.S.

You'll most likely be seeing a lot more of me around here, making some noise on the social media side, bombarding people with newsletters and blog posts..

Right, now that we've cleared that up...

What am I up to at i-A.C.Systems around now?
Well, there's certainly a lot of ideas in the pipeline. Having joined the company towards the end of August from a background in Business Development, I've brought with me a load of crazy ideas that (I think!) every young, budding marketer should be full of! In the words of Albert Einstein, 'For an idea that does not first seem insane, there is no hope.'

The first significant change worth mentioning actually involves you - that's right, we've made the fateful decision to include other people in the way we work and are perceived. Crazy right? Well, not really. We want to know what you think. After all, you're the people that matter to us. So we've teamed up** with TrustPilot to help us find out what people in the market really think about us.

I guess you can never really know how you're portrayed, without seeking the help of the public. And we seem to be doing pretty well so far!

Have a look for yourself and leave a few words if you like what we do. 

First post down, plenty more to come!

**a nice way to say, given money to

Monday, 14 April 2014

Evaporative cooling and adiabatic humidification for data centers

The data center air-conditioning solution with the highest energy efficiency and lowest environmental impact

The graph illustrates the climatic conditions in which the evaporative cooling, in case combined with a heat recovery unit, gives the opportunity to reach the temperature and humidity conditions as recommended bt ASHRAE and reduces significantly the mechanical cooling energy consumption.

The green area (FC) represents the conditions in which it is possible to use the free cooling, the adjacent area (FC+MIX) describes the conditions in which it is necessary to mix the external air with the return air in order to keep the temperature under control. The area below (FC+MIX+HUMIDIFICATION) needs an additional adiabatic humidification to reach the minimum humidity set by ASHRAE.
The blue area (DEC) identifies the initial external air conditions, suitable to reach the temperature set point with direct evaporative cooling DEC only!
The yellow area (IEC) represents indirect evaporative cooling IEC using a heat exchanger between the external air and the recirculated internal air; the area (IEC+MECHANICAL+COOLING) needs a further mechanical cooling contribution. When the introduction of external air in the data center is not allowed, the IEC contribution will cover the previous DEC scenario.
The outside air condition where mechanical cooling only is required is represented by the red area.
Evaporative cooler, such as water spray atomizers, provide high efficiency cooling solutions with the added benefit of humidity control whilst ensuring substantial reduction in energy consumption and costs without any impact on maintenance costs.
Optimum control of the air-conditioning systems is equally crucial in maximising the energy saving available through evaporative cooling and eliminating inefficiencies.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Energy saving solutions for data centers

Data center air-conditioning

Data center air-conditioning is essential for the correct operation of Information Technology equipment: processing and storage devices produce considerable heat that needs to be removed in order to maintain optimum operating conditions.

Worldwide data center power consumption is estimated to be 30GW, accounting for around 1.5% of the earth's total electricity usage: as a result of this astonishing level of energy consumption, energy saving solutions are increasingly adopted.
Currently the most widely implemented technological solution involves the use of Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRAC) or Close Controls Units (CCU), which cool and where necessary humidify the air in the data center.
Continuous technological development in the sector and a constant focus on energy saving are reflected in the evolution of the air-conditioning solutions adopted: from controlling air distribution to installing air-conditioners, near the heat sources, as well as using high efficiency equipment.
Moreover, air handling units can be used to deliver outside air in free cooling mode, and where possible lowering temperatures even further using adiabatic humidifiers (evaporative cooling).